Small Pistol Primer: Everything You Need To Know


The primers are used in firearms and artillery. They are considered to have initiated the explosion. A small pistol primer appears to be a small metal cup, filled with different explosives. Though primer is a small part of the weapon, it is equally important in its functioning. 

The major elements in small pistol primer compounds are frequently different from one company to the next. However, the usual formulas have remained fairly consistent over time. This is due to the fact that both the ammo makers and the customers are adamantly opposed to experimenting with any recipe that isn’t proven and true. The primers must be the same. The shooters become very impatient and irritable if they do not pop off when hit by the firing pin. It doesn’t matter how filthy and dirty the ignition system is or how frigid the temperature is; the primer’s immediate goal is to burn the powder charge, even if it means sacrificing other important results such as accuracy. 

Here is a detailed guide that would explain all the facts regarding small pistol primer and its related aspects. 

Types and Sizes of Primers

Broadly speaking primers are divided into two parts one for rifles and the other for pistols. The pistol primers are divided into two main categories – large pistol primer and small pistol primer. Both primers have different functions and they are used in different weapons. We have listed the types of primers here –

  • Small Rifle Primer: The Small rifle primers have a diameter of.175 inches and a height of.120 inches.
  • Small pistol primer: These are similar in size to small rifle primers but are specifically designed for handguns.
  • Large rifle primer: With measuring approximately.128 inches in height and.212 inches in width.
  • Large pistol primers: With an average height of.120 inches and a width of.212 inches.

Among these different primers, small pistol primer and large pistol primer are broadly used. They are further classified as Berdan and Boxer. Berdan is used in foreign military rounds, which cuts the cost. The Berdan is used by American manufacturers of aluminum casings to prevent reloading. The Berdan was invented by an American, while the Boxer was created by an Englishman. There is no contest when it comes to reloading; as the Boxer is the clear winner. The Boxer, a small pistol primer is much better as it is convenient for decapping. However, Berdan requires different equipment and tools to do this specific function. 

Rifle vs Pistol Primers

As stated above, there is commonly two sizes of primers, large and small primer. Further, it is divided into rifles and pistols. Small pistol primers are well known among these primers, as people find them more handy and affordable. Moreover, the quality of large and small pistol primer is categorized as standard and magnum primer. It is important to choose the correct primer that is more suitable for your firearm and makes successful ammo. In older times the small pistol primers were very corrosive, as they had fulminate mercury that is responsible for weakening the case. Most of the foreign military ammo available today is usually corrosive though the market may portray them differently. 

Best way to ensure your safety while using a firearm is to take care of the small pistol primer. While buying a small pistol primer, it is important to cross-check the quality, as there is no possibility of any compromises in it. Well-established companies like, Armory Anchor guarantees quality and better accuracy while its use. 

Handgun primers have a softer cup inside because the discharge pin isn’t as strong as a rifle pin. Also, they are not as tall as a rifle nor do they contain as much ignition material as the rifle because they don’t have to ignite as much powder. First of all, it is too elevated which may cause a slight problem with the case and since the cup is harder it might not go off. In addition, there could be a possibility of over-ignition of the powder. A large or small pistol primer has a rifle round will reverse the problems. Like everything else there are exceptions.  

Final Words – 

When seating a small pistol primer, it must stay inside the casing to avoid a number of issues. Elevated primers in a revolver will prohibit the cylinder from turning. High primers in other rifles can result in a dangerous slam fire. Other problems connected with incorrectly installed primers include misfires and irregular ammunition. Hence it is advisable to take proper guidance before you cause any damage to yourself or the surrounding. Reloading a primer is not a task if right you seek the right information. 

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