270 Ammo And Its Best Usages

Winchester 270 ammo

If you are a big game hunter in North America, you might know how effective 270 ammo is for deer hunting. It has been 100 years since 270 Winchester was introduced. During the span, this deer-slaying cartridge has gained immense popularity as the most effective deer-hunting cartridge ever developed, particularly for North America’s big games […]

7 Top Dangerous Damage Guns In The World

Dangerous Damage Guns

Humans have been using weapons for centuries. In ancient times, men created hunting spears to protect themselves from dangerous animals and hunt different animals. These hunting spears were made by attaching a sharp stone to a stick that is thick in size. But today, the world has entirely changed. Firearms have become the most vital […]

5 Gun Control Laws that are necessary For Today’s Society

gun control law

What is gun control? Gun control or firearm regulation is a set of laws and policies that modulates civilians’ manufacture, transfer, sale, purchase, modification, possession, and use of firearms. Gun control is one of the most contentious and emotional issues many countries have. The discourse points to whether the restrictions on the individual’s right to […]

.223 Ammo for Deer Hunting?

Is the .223 Remington a viable deer cartridge? Since this article highlights an assortment of .223 Rem. ammo for deer hunting, then the answer must be “yes,” right? However, it’s not a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Many consider that the 0.224-caliber cartridge is capable of ethically harvesting deer. There are plenty of superior cartridge […]