10 Reasons Why 270 Ammo Is Your Best Cartridge For All Seasons

270 Ammo

Hunting is one of the most popular games in the United States. It is among the most loved games practised by millions of people each year. In fact, hunting is typically viewed as a “rural” activity; that’s why high and low-income people enjoy this activity. That’s the reason why the gun and ammunition market in the United States has skyrocketed in recent years. Few cartridges in the history of America have gained the attention of shooters. 270 Ammo is among the popular cartridges for small and big game hunters. It has the potential to offer exceptional ballistic and enough power to take down most games in the United States. Nevertheless, hunters often get confused as to which cartridge to buy for big hunting games – 270 Ammo is their answer. 

Here in this write-up, you will learn about the history of 270 Ammo and the ten reasons why  270 Ammo is the best cartridge for hunting game. 

Tracing the history of 270 Ammo 

270 Winchester was developed by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1923 and unveiled in 1925 as a chambering for their bolt-action model 54. This cartridge is based upon the .30-03. When loaded with a bullet that expands rapidly or fragments in tissue, 270 Ammo delivers devastating terminal performance. Since its inception, 270 Ammo became the popular deer and elk hunting cartridge because of the widespread praises of gunwriter Jack O’Connor. He used this cartridge for 40 years and espoused its praise in the pages of outdoor life. 

Let’s now shed light upon the ten reasons why to use 270 Ammo for small and big hunting games. 

Top 10 reasons to use 270 Ammo for all types of hunting games

Hunting is not a child’s play; rather, it requires the best gun, the right cartridge, and advanced techniques to kill the target. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced one, hunting is never going to be that easy. But you can make it easy by investing in the cartridge that will help you perform the best in your hunting game. 

1- High velocity 

270 Ammo is known to have high velocity, relatively flat shooting, moderately recoiling, and a really accurate cartridge compared to other cartridges available in the market. 270 Ammo is indeed a classic deer hunting cartridge available for every type of hunter, be it novice or experienced. 

2- Good for a big game 

When it comes to finding the best cartridge for big games like black bear, elk, deer, moose, etc., 270 Ammo captures the attention of hunters. The famous hunter of the United States, Jack O’Connor, also used this cartridge for hunting bighorn sheep. That’s the reason why this cartridge is so popular today. 

3- Different variants 

The best thing about 270 Ammo is that it is available in different variants for hunting elk, deer, bear, moose, and many other big game animals. There is no surprise that every single ammunition manufacturer like Browning, Remington, Swift, Norma, Nosler, and Winchester produces different types of 270 Ammo. You can choose any type of ammunition based on your requirements. 

4- Lightweight bullets

Another important reason to use Ammo 270 for hunting games is that it is a lightweight cartridge for large-bodied games. In fact, it is quite lighter than a 7 mm Remington Magnum loaded with the 160-175 grain partition. 270 Ammo are rapidly expanded bullets that are specially designed for use on thick skin games like deer. The thin and light bullet performs very well on a deer-sized game. 

5- Caliber for better trajectory 

Earlier hunters would use small caliber cartridges in the hunting world however, with the launch of 270 Ammo; people were inclined to use high caliber cartridges like this. The famous hunter Jack O’Connor also used this cartridge and fell in love with its ballistic performance. Since then, it has become a favorite cartridge among hunters in the United States. 

6- Long action rifles 

270 Ammo has a significantly longer case length, which is about  2.54″ vs 2.015, and the overall length is about 3.34″ vs 2.81.” Due to this, the 270 Ammo is used in standard/ long rifles. As a hunter, if you use long rifles, 270 Ammo is the right cartridge for you to get the best hunting experience. 

7- Loads 

Loads in 270 Ammo are available from 6.5 grams to 10.4 grams (100 to 160 grams). It comes in a size of 8.4 and 9.7 gram (130 and 180 gram) loads being by far the most popular than other cartridges available in the market. That’s the reason why most hunters prefer using 270 Ammo for hunting. 

8- Loaded with a 130-grain bullet 

270 Ammo comes with a 130-grain bullet with a muzzle velocity of about 3060 fs. The cartridge is sighted to touch 3 inches above the line of sight at 100 yards  (90 meters). The 270 Ammo will not rice more than 3.5 inches to touch the line of sight at approximately 270 yards. It means the cartridge allows the hunter to shoot within a certain distance without having to think about compensating for the bullet drop. 

9- Accuracy 

One of the most crucial reasons to use 270 Ammo is the accuracy it offers to beginners and experienced hunters. Undoubtedly, “accuracy” has been celebrated in the 270 Westminster cartridges. Due to its accuracy, 270 Ammo has remained on the top in the hunting game world. It makes shooting easier, more precise, and more accurate to shoot down the target. 

10 -Suitable for beginners and experienced  

Whether it’s small, big, bird, active, or any other type of hunting, 270 Ammo is one of the best cartridges to use for an exceptional hunting experience. In fact, this cartridge can also be used by beginners and experienced hunters for any type of hunting game. 

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