17 HMR Ammo or .22 LR: The Ultimate Battle On Which is Better!

17 HMR Ammo or .22 LR

17 HMR ammo and .22 LR are two excellent ammo types widely popular in the hunting world. Both rimfires are known for their performance. Are you having a hard time deciding which one is better? 

Let’s go through the detailed comparison of 17 HMR vs. .22 LR to clearly understand which one you should go for. But before we discuss it, take a glance at the .17 HMR and .22 LR basic details. 

Two Great Rimfires Go Head-to-Head…

17 HMR ammo or .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire is the new kid in the family. Introduced in 2002 by Harmony Hornady, .17 HMR is a medium-range cartridge effective out to 175 yards. It has a speed of 2,650 fps, making it one of the most viable firearms. With a performance like this, there is no wonder that .17HMR is leading the hunting and shooting world. 

As for .22 LR or .22 Long Range, it is widely popular, especially for plinking or small game and varmint hunting. There is no doubt that .22 LR has no match when it comes to shooting. Light recoiling, widely available and effective in small games, .22 LR is one of the greatest rimfires of all time. Introduced in 1887, .22LR is undoubtedly the player in the house. 

Let’s cut straight to the point .17 HMR ammo or .22 LR ammo, which is better?

The Real Question: .17 HMR or .22 LR, Which is Better?

The question is really tough as both cartridges are the leading players in the shooting world. For better clarity, we’ll be considering a number of factors such as ballistic performance, cost, and availability of the cartridge. 

.17 HMR and .22 LR Performance 

 17 HMR ammo is a good choice for hunting because of its speed and accuracy. You can easily take down rabbits, groundhogs, and raccoons at 175 yards. It is highly recommendable not to hunt the bigger games with it as .17 HMR is a relatively small firearm.

The .22 LR is again a good choice when it comes to hunting small games with 75 yards like squirrels, rabbits, and birds. 

It is very clear that .17 HMR is more powerful than .22 LR, and if you are looking for meat, then.17 HMR would have destroyed the meat with such power.  

.17 HMR and .22 LR Price

If you search online, the cost of the .17 HMR is $15 per box containing 50 rounds, but it is around $5 per box in the case of .22 LR. 

That means, .17 HMR ammo is a little more expensive than .22 LR. Apparently, .22 LR is an affordable choice. But if you compare the .17 HMR price online, you will get it at reasonable prices at Armory Anchor

.22 LR ammo is probably the more affordable option, but .17 HMR is more powerful and fast. 

Note: The choice depends on the preference. If you are looking for cheap and versatile performance like for shorter distances. .22 LR would be perfect. And if you are all about the accuracy, .17 HMR ammo is the better choice. 


Because .22 LR is the most affordable and popular cartridge on the planet, it is easily available at online and offline stores. You can buy it at very low prices from a reliable store. 

As far as the availability of .17 HMR ammo is concerned, it is easily available at Armory Anchor at competitive prices. Armory Anchor has stock full of quality ammo to cater to the massive customer’s requirements. 

These three are the major comparison on .17HMR vs. .22 LR, enough to make a wise decision. Other differences are mentioned in the below section. 


.17 HMR ammo, due to high velocity, makes more noise than .22 LR. You will need to wear ear protection while shooting. 


.22 LR is used for a short distance. There are more chances of harming a large number of people in the surroundings, making this probably the biggest drawback. 

When you shoot from too close, you can harm someone or yourself, so you have to be more careful with .22 LR than .17 HMR. 

If we eliminate the danger, then it is affordable and effective. Otherwise, .17 HMR ammo is safe and effective. 

Which is Better?

So you have read it all and probably have a better idea about how .17HMR and .22 LR work. 

The choice completely depends on your preference. For some 17 HMR ammo is better and others are comfortable with .22LR.  

If you are thinking of plinking or shooting smaller games and looking for the cheap option, .22 LR would take the crown. 

But .17 HMR is the best bet if you are looking for amazing accuracy at distances up to 175 yards and want to hunt small animals like rabbits. 

Let’s make your decision easier with this Quick Recap

  •  .17 HMR is a better choice for professional hunters or shooters, whereas .22 HMR is a better solution for amateur hunters and recreational shooters and those who are looking for an affordable option. 
  • .17 HMR is a little louder than .22 LR because of its high velocity. Wearing ear caps is a good choice to prevent louder noise. 
  • .17 HMR ammo is more precise as they have a significantly large range. 
  • .17 HMR is safer as they are used at a long distance, but .22 LR is used from a short distance and can be harmful to shooters and people around. 

If your choice is 17 HMR, Armory Anchor is the right bet to purchase quality ammo online at reasonable prices. We have a vast collection of .17 HMR ammo to meet massive customer demand. 

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